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What you will learn

  • Basics concepts of cloud security
  • Advance level cloud security
  • Direct to Cloud Network
  • Check post in the cloud
  • Understanding of Access Management
  • Get Industry-recognized expertise of CISSP
  • Get complete understanding of CISSP
  • Become master of different information security domains
  • Linux LIPC Introduction
  • Basic concept of Linux LIPC
  • Advance Level Linux approach
  • Unleash the power of Linux
  • Extensive information gathering, penetration testing
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Basic tools for Ethical hacking
  • Advance Level Tools for Ethical Hacking
  • Background of an Information Security Manager
  • Practices and methods of security architecture
  • DNS, VPN, authentication, DDOS mitigation technologies/tools
  • Intrusion prevention and detection protocols CISSP® Exam Preparation Training Course – 2018s
  • Understanding of Information Security domains
  • New ways of security assessment & Testing
  • Best practices of Identity and Access Management
  • Advance level of risk management
  • Designs for digital forensics and penetration testing
  • Change the LHOST to your local IP address
  • New Techniques For Android Hacking
  • Process of Hacking Android Phones Using Kali Linux
  • Learn the process of auditing information systems
  • Governance and management of IT
  • Information systems acquisition, development, and implementation
  • Protection of information assets
  • Basic Concepts of Hacking
  • Explore Metasploit Framework & Nmap
  • User of Wireshark
  • Advance Hacking Tools
  • Basic tools for Ethical hacking
  • Advance Level Tools for Ethical Hacking
  • Extensive information gathering, penetration testing
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Learn to manage firewall appliances
  • Security best practices
  • Figure out the vulnerabilities
  • Advance penetration testing tools
  • Identify vulnerabilities in systems
  • Building networks or system infrastructure
  • Determining unauthorized access
  • Monitoring malicious activities are possible

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