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About Courses

Cyber Security Courses

EH Academy provides an exclusive offer of unlimited access to our Cyber Security course which will teach you the advance security testing techniques and enhance your hacking skills, and let you defeat any kind of online threats and attacks. The content of this course not only include, how to prevent cyber-attacks and threats from malicious hackers, but it will also teach you how to avoid trackers and malwares which are stored in the computer systems and websites you might access. As technology grows day by day and the advancements of devices come forward, it has become a primary need to understand the risks facing by the world from malicious hackers and their prevention techniques to mitigate those risks on time. With the help of our Cyber Security Course, you will have a lifetime access to the course content that will allow you to learn different security testing and attack prevention skills at your convenience. The students will be able to specialize in ethical hacking through which they will be able to utilize their skills while performing actual penetration testing moreover they will be able to get expertise on Kali Linux, in order to secure their word press websites, cracking and hacking user credentials and passwords, hacking Wi-fi networks, conducting forensic investigations of the computer, testing the security features of Windows and Linux operating systems, testing the security features of mobile applications, developing an understanding of bug bounty hunting and many more things.
The course will made convenience for the students to gain significant knowledge regarding Cyber Security testing and auditing techniques, creating virtual pentesting lab to perform penetration testing and ethical hacking which will not only allow them to prevent potential attacks and risks from the hackers but also learn how to counter reply to the attacks on time. With the advent of newer technologies include, Autonomous Driving, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain technology, Smart Home Solutions etc, Cyber Security is one of the main and rising concerns in these technological developments. The perceived threats to Cyber Security are increasing immensely which increases the necessity to have most updated knowledge about Cyber Security prevention techniques and hence we are bridging those gaps through our up-to-date Cyber Security course, which provides more than 100 hours of lectures conducted by our skilled Cyber Security Professionals. Learning and practicing about Cyber Security techniques have also become significant because with the rapid increase of technological advancements, there is a need to neutralize the possible attacks and threats which may affect us badly. For example, the concept of smart home is relatively in its infancy stages and have several concerns regarding the implementation of smart home technology. One of the primary concerns with respect to building automation is the high uncertain security scenarios. It is one of the most concerning factors which need to be addressed appropriately in order to increase its acceptance. This infrastructure will enable people to interact with their electronic devices i.e. their mobile devices however it is also likely that the infrastructure may be compromised due to severe attacks from the malicious hackers. In order to make the structure more vibrant and stronger, the threats need to be brought to the acceptance level which could be done through testing the devices against possible vulnerabilities and hacking attacks. After that take possible security measures to resolve those issues by closing such loopholes. This could only be done if person has knowledge about Cyber Security.

Linux Courses

This EH Academy’s offer will provide the vital knowledge about Linux Operating System. Linux is an open source operating system, the codes which can be read by everyone, but still be able to come as a most secure OS in comparison with others.
It is a secured operating system which helps to power the hardware as well as softwares. Apart from this, Linux Operating platform is one of the powerful operating systems which assists in battling viruses, malware crashes etc, because it has a narrow OS footprint which makes it more invulnerable and resilient.
Linux is also considered to be as one of the most reliable programs which helps in achieving many difficult tasks that would not be easier while using Microsoft Windows Operating System.
This course will equip you with the essential skills and concepts about the Linux in the professional work environment and will let you get a hands-on practice to Linux commands. The course will provide step by step guidance along with the practical and real-life examples. Since we are providing lifetime access to the course curriculum therefore it is up to you to study the course at your own convenience throughout the day. The course is providing more than 180 hours of engaging and award-winning content that can be accessed anytime.
The course modules can be studied by those who are willing to get hands on practice but are at a disadvantage of time so no worries since the access is for lifetime. By giving few minutes every day or the way it suites, you can learn everything about this amazing Operating System. The course curriculum includes wide variety of topics regarding the essentials of the Linux system, its security features, learning about the Raspberry Pi and Kali Linux for the purpose of Wi-fi hacking and Guidance about Linux LPIC-1.
The course will also teach you about the installation of the database server, the creation of the database users and so on forth.
This course provides all the required skills regarding Linux Operating System in an effective way so the students can apply those skills in practical scenarios and develop a strong background in Linux to further achieve their goals in a competitive way.

This will not only add to the skill set but also equip you with the necessary knowledge which makes you stand apart from many in the competition. The concepts and commands of the Linux shall be explained in a simple and easy to understand language which would make easier for you to grab first-hand knowledge. It will take start with the basic concepts about using the Linux Operating System and will gradually move towards more complex concepts such as Learning the use of Linux Operating System for hacking android devices and Wi-fi with Kali Linux. The course will also be equipping you with the indispensable skills which would allow you to get your dream IT job 2020.

Networking Courses

Discover new learning possibilities through our well updated Networking course, the most important strategic issue for the success of every enterprise. Considering the importance of networking among organizations, it is vital for everyone to learn at least the basics about networking. This course is all about developing a base understanding of networking for the beginners and then learning an advanced capabilities for you at a later stages. The course will also allow you to learn the functions and topologies of computer networking. At an early stage, the basic understanding about networking will help the students to grasp the model of OSI and the concept of subnetting. Apart from this the course will also allow to gain sufficient knowledge about network firewalls, LAN, WAN, TCP/IP Protocols, subnets and network intrusion.
This course will provide more than 145 hours of complete engaging content which can be assessed any time at your convenience since the course is for lifetime access. After having the basic understanding about the course, the students will be provided with most up to date advance knowledge relating to networking which would allow you to build virtual networks, gauge and identify the vulnerability of a network, managing setup essentials using Linux Server, teaching different types of protocols which are being coded with the use of Scapy and teaching the ways of how to hack a wireless network. All these skills about Networking would be provided in a logical way through this course which will allow you to develop a strong background in Networking and then apply those skills to further achieve your goals. Since the internet has blurred the borders between the countries and everything is interlinked with each other due to internet therefore obtaining knowledge about networking has become highly important for the learners. This course will also teach about the networking devices that are used to build huge network infrastructure in an organization. Since with the growing pace of technology, it has become highly important for companies to build better, bigger and stronger networks in order to stay safe from any hacking attempts by the cyber criminals and to store day to day data in the main server securely. The main servers store all the data of the company and these servers are backed up every day. However, since all these servers are interconnected to each other therefore it is highly important that the networking of these systems should be strong and secure. This will ensure that the data is backed up properly and is strong enough to withstand any hacking attempts from the hackers who either intend to steal the data of the company or they intend to wipe the data of the company. Hence learning networking is important in today’s era because with time it is a growing need for every company and later in the future the scope of networking will grow manifolds.

Programming Courses

EH Academy provides a great platform to learn a challenging Programmingcourse which is to empower the students with the basic Programming skills.
Programming is essential to automate, collect, calculate, manage and analyze the processing of data accurately and to enhance and increase the power of communicating computers.
Programming is significant for everyone to learn and practice. Having said that, this course has been designed to develop a base understanding of programming for the beginners and then moving on to the more advanced levels at later stages.
The course allows you to learn the functions of computer programming language which would be taught in the most appropriate manner backing up with the engaging and award-winning course content. The content of the course can be assessed anytime at your own convenience throughout lifetime since the course is being offered with lifetime access. You can also access the course content from anywhere since the course allows remote access. Programming is a no doubt an essential skill which is the backbone of almost every enterprise and organization. The course will equip you with the necessary skills to handle algorithms and encoding because Programming is all about building algorithms and considering its complexity. The course will offer step by step guide from the basic concepts and understanding to advance and expert knowledge.
What the course includes
The course has covered multiple aspects of programming which will teach the basic languages like HTML, JavaScript, HTML5, Java Programming, MySQL, CSS, CSS3 and so on. All the languages will be taught in the most professional way that will allow you to gain competitive edge in the market. With the help of this course you will be able to create animations using CCS3, develop games and applications by using Python, eliminate error using programming control, develop an understanding of DOM elements, developing an understanding of navigation & URLs, teach fundamentals of responsive designs and so much more.
With the advent of newer technologies, the need for learning and understanding programming has become a dynamic need. Every application, game or software development requires one or more types of programming scripts and complex coding. Programming is essential as of today’s era, as time passes the increase in robotics and artificial intelligence renders the increase in complexity of the nature of programming and its increased usage for such a purpose. With the use of programming, achieving such things otherwise would not be possible.

Bug Bounty Courses

This course will cover the concepts of Bug Bounty Hunting and Penetration Testing, after completing this you will emerge as a stealth Bug Bounty Hunter. Bug Bounty Hunting is the act of finding security vulnerabilities or bugs in a website and responsibly disclosing it to that company’s security team in an ethical way. Bug Bounties, also known as responsible disclosure programs, are set up by companies to encourage people to report potential risks and issues discovered on their sites. Some companies choose to reward a researcher with bounty, swag, or an entry in their hall-of-fame list. For Web Application Security, Bug Bounty Hunting is very beneficial for strengthening your skills and getting a fruitful reward as well.

MS Office Courses

Having trouble in certain Microsoft Office’s programs? No worries because EH Academy’s easy to grip on MS Office Courses offering you an exciting offer to ignite your skills from beginning to advance in a short span of time.
This course includes interactive content relating to Microsoft Office which will improve your working proficiency in one and more Microsoft Office programs. The course will teach you from the beginning of how to use MS office and leading to advance skills regarding its usage. The course will include MS Word, MS Outlook, MS Excel and MS Power Point. The course modules provides immense value to the students as they will be able to go through interactive and engaging content of more than 160 hours which will not only allow you to gain expert skills at handling Microsoft office proficiently but utilize the skills to get things done over it effectively and efficiently. The rapid increase in complexity of handling business operations is parallel to the growing use of Microsoft office and to handle it efficiently, learning the effective use of MS office is very necessary. Its efficient use also saves time for the learner due to which they are able to utilize their time at other activities which in turn reflects over their performance.
The course includes various extensions of Microsoft office which includes MS Excel which will teach you the basic skills to learn its usage. The students will develop an understanding about how to create charts, use the formulas and functions to quickly arrive at results for example in order to sum various cells in a document, a single and a simple function can be used such as “=SUM(range of cells)” which will sum all the cells and provide a result quickly instead of adding all the cells separately which will otherwise would take longer to sum them. Similarly tips and tricks to quickly handle the excel document also be taught which would allow the learner to quickly manage various tasks at excel such as deleting a row through the keyboard or adding a column quickly instead of using mouse to add or delete a row or a column. Hence such quick shortcuts will allow you to quickly edit the sheet and get work done easily. Advance functions such as developing Dashboards and Pivot table will also be taught to allow you develop expert level command over Excel. Apart from Microsoft Excel, the course will also allow hands on experience over MS Outlook which will teach how to create emails at outlook, scheduling auto replies and the tips and tricks of handling these efficiently. Such knowledge will enable you to be aware of the importance of using MS Outlook at workplaces which is an intense need in today’s era. Also, Power Point is also a very useful tool for making presentations at university or workplaces therefore using it skillfully is very important. The course will teach from basic functions like Text formation, inserting charts and shapes to handling it professionally and expertly by using the advance functions of the Microsoft Power point tools. Also, MS word will also be taught through this course which will allow students to handle and edit documents effectively.

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Bundle No. of Courses Hours Actual Price
Cyber Security Courses 41 200+ $1,578
Linux Courses 7 78+ $960
Networking Courses 9 80+ $1,120
Bug Bounty Courses 7 48+ $1,294
Programming Courses 21 95+ $1,277
Digital Marketing Courses 40 200+ $960
Microsoft Office Courses 30 100+ $1,199


  • Cyber Security Course (40 Online Courses) Become a Cyber Security Specialist and Go from a beginner to Advanced Cyber Security Professional in this easy to follow expert course. Covering all major platforms - Windows 8, Windows 10, MacOS and Linux, this course provides the fundamental building blocks of your required skill set regrading Cyber Security. You will understand the concepts of threats, vulnerability, exploits and then learning different hacking techniques with the solutions to perform risk assessment and threat modelling. Covering malware, kits, phishing, zero-day vulnerabilities and much more. You will learn about the global tracking and hacking infrastructures that nation states run.

  • Linux Courses (7 Online Courses) Suitable for an entry-level system administrator with zero experience in Linux administration. you'll learn all the fundamentals of web server administration, and gain experience in setting up Linux OS Server and LAMP stack. Each chapter is encapsulated with step-by-step guides which will enhance your skills and let you experience in practical use. You will start with choosing the right platform for your server.

  • Networking Courses (9 Online Courses) By the end of this course you will be fully aware of the OSI model concepts, basics of subnetting, network firewalls, network intrusion, LAN, WAN, and TCP/IP Protocols in a simple and easy to understand step-by-step guide. You will also reach an expert level in network security regarding the concepts, technologies, and tools. The course requires no background or pre-requisite, yet you will be able to understand all the up-to-date terminologies of the networking during the lectures.

  • Programming Courses (21 Online Courses) This course will teach you everything you need to know about User Experience (UX) design, content, and coding. You'll learn from the very basics, so it doesn't matter how much experience you have when you start. You'll be exposed to principles and strategies, but, more importantly, you'll learn how to actually apply these abstract concepts by coding three different websites for three very different audiences.

  • Bug Bounty Courses (9 Online Courses) This course will cover the concepts of Bug Bounty Hunting and Penetration Testing, after completing this you will emerge as a stealth Bug Bounty Hunter. Bug Bounty Hunting is the act of finding security vulnerabilities or bugs in a website and responsibly disclosing it to that company’s security team in an ethical way. Bug Bounties, also known as responsible disclosure programs, are set up by companies to encourage people to report potential risks and issues discovered on their sites. Some companies choose to reward a researcher with bounty, swag, or an entry in their hall-of-fame list. For Web Application Security, Bug Bounty Hunting is very beneficial for strengthening your skills and getting a fruitful reward as well.

  • Microsoft Office Courses (30 Online Courses) This mega Microsoft Office bundle is perfect if you're looking to improve your working proficiency in one and more Microsoft Office programs including Excel, PowerPoint and Word. Each course goes into in-depth knowledge on how to get the most from each program and will help you become an expert user.

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